31 October 2009



The Reed Space 28 JUN 08

Truly PIECEBOOK is the dream blackbook for anyone who is DOWN LIKE DAT. It is a veritable who's who of writer's writers, in an intimate format that looks so legit, you'd swear you could feel the grooves in the pages left by pencils and pens! As authentic & realistic as possible, there are even a few blank sheets left to get up on! Everyone tried to peel the sticker off the inside cover and now I actually have to SMELL THE INK on the pages to figure out which tags are new!

Half of these are MY photos, which I donated for love of the OLD SCHOOL and my big bro, co-author, Dave CHINO. I'm down with BYI since late '85, the one and only QUEEN JULIE BTS ;) Dave had the NERVE to crop me out of all the little ones! Check his blog @12ozprophet PIECEBOOK Launch 08

I have never seen so many Graffiti Kings in one building, live and direct, not on the walls! Much love to the many artists included in the book who represented! In no particular order, and no disrespect for those I forgot * SPone * SKID * TRIM TNC * VANAL KT * ATCO * SAST FSU * STERN * JALER * KEO * DIL * SCAN * HAZE * MARE 139 * KAVES * T-KID * They all signed my copy & DJ EMZ rocked major throwbacks all night! YO! The list went on and on, and I'm sure TFV Squad (inside joke for BET ;) must have had their own damned digital photo field day! Shit, it REALLY IS 1984 in many ways, and it ain't ALL GOOD!

Greg (SPone) Lamarche did an amazing job on the handwritten calliGRAFFITI intro to the book. It was like transcribing the Torah, every letter perfect or the whole page gets thrown away, not at all easy! I will be going to his studio for an amazing collage soon!
Greg Lamarche proving he still has mad SKILLS in publication!

This reception may have been more surreal than my recent Brooklyn Tech HS reunion, complete with a book to sign! Indeed, very similar, and filled with oddly familiar artistic faces from BACK IN THE DAYS recognizing mine. There were framed prints of a few pages, one was a TRIKE GND piece with an ODone BTS throwup (my HS ex and 1018 Prom Date)! UGH! LMAO!! Despite the sweltering 95 degree night- it was 110 inside the joint, the asthmatic air conditioner was NOT cutting it, the throng outside The Reed Space on Orchard Street on the Lower East Side of NYC was a-buzz with how cool the book is and that it came with a custom Sharpie! 10 Deep also printed limited edition t-shirts to commemorate the event!

More pix coming soon... meanwhile check out PIECEBOOK RELOADED

PIECEBOOK Signing New Haven, CT 06/08


PIECEBOOK road trip!

Hip Hop Block Party/PIECEBOOK Signing
New Haven, CT 14 June 08

Sacha Jenkins and Dave Villorente signed copies of their critically acclaimed PIECEBOOK while over 30 talented artists from all over the East Coast showed off their skills with good old spraypaint.

The NYC contingent included TRIM TNC, KEO aka Lord Scotch, DIL(INGER) & SCAN.
About to set up on a beautiful day in New Haven, Connecticut!

...and so the masterpieces begin, always with an outline...
Mike, Blake, Tony and Cris.

The Block Party was a successful event with a huge turnout! Thanks to everyone at Channel1! Check out their video Channel1 The Block Party Recap

Dave signing autographs while being photographed...

DJs setting up the perfect tone... while Mike SCANs the crowd.

The brilliant and beautiful Raquel Cepeda-Jenkins Hip Hop Historian.

A long line of canvases was ziptied to a chain link fence, some taped to the buildings in the square & others were standing on easels. DJs spun the classics while breakdancers did head spins on a nice big piece of linoleum.

KEO & TRIM getting it done!

Tony and his handsome son. I let him know how his parents met!

Blake KEO, Tony TRIM and Cris DIL, 3 NYC Kings.

Fantastic job!

Dave had given me one of the coveted, limited edition, 10 Deep/PIECEBOOK T-shirts. In the smallest size they printed... men's medium! It was humongous! I'd seen a vid on how to slice one up, and I went for the groupie look, strumming up interest in the book while I roamed the crowd...

Much LOVE and continued success to my dear friend DaveCHINO and Sacha SHR!

Beyond Your Imagination!

A few more of my 300 pix... COMING SOON... meanwhile PIECEBOOK RELOADED is now available!


PIECEBOOK RELOADED Graffiti Drawings 1985-2005 by Sacha Jenkins & David Villorente

The Etnies showroom 29 Oct 09

Much LOVE with continued success Beyond Your Imagination to my big bro Dave CHINO
 and the multi talented Sacha SHR! 
The next book in the critically acclaimed, historical PIECEBOOK series again gives owners the opportunity to add their own art to the ranks of actual graffiti kings and legends! So realistic, they even scanned the backsides of some pieces to give the illusion of ink bleeding through the pages. It's beautifully printed, looks completely authentic and continues the tradition they started in the original PIECEBOOK- creating a dream blackbook filled with only the best.

Dave and me. Doc TC5 in back setting up.

KAVES, Sacha & Dave

Full Royal House of Graffiti Kings

The party was jam packed! As expected, a who's who of all-city kings & international writers including most of the artists in the book came out to represent. To name but a few * SPone * ATCO * SAST FSU * JALER * KEO * DIL * SCAN * HAZE * MARE 139 * KAVES * T-KID * Cope 2 * DEZ * TATU XMEN * BANE SEIK * PYTHON * RAB CAC * RAE WIC * SIN * and * DOC TC5 * who kept us moving to vinyl along with Psycho Les of the BEAT NUTS!


COPE 2 and CHINO, DOC TC5 on the 1's & 2's...

Les knew exactly what we want to hear, yeah, he gets Get Props Over Here, Top Notch! 


SCAN, KEO, CHINO, et al... 



The Etnies showroom was packed! Some fans actually brought in canvases to be signed!

Dave, DJ Bobbito Garcia, and Cris DIL. 

DEZ aka DJ Kay Slay 

KEO about to sign my copy, the beautiful Annabella Sciorra and Lee Lo.

SASTER FSU Streets Are Saying Things!


Lee Lo looking lovely as always! 

The iNternets Celebrity, that sneaker fiend, Dallas Penn aka BluCheez aka @FYMTG, blessed us with some blog love over at dallaspenn.com happy to see so many familiar faces from inside & outside our old alma mater Brooklyn Tech in Fort Greene, which boasts a long list of contributers to Hip Hop History.

Dallas et moi

Closest I'll ever get to natural "Double D's"... HAH!

Quick off the top- Bobbito Garcia (DJ Cucumber Slice), TATU XMEN Pres, Milk & Gizmo, RAE WIC, BIAS, RAB CAC, DIRE, G-BO The Pro and so many others down since wayback cut those classes! Our cheerleaders and boosters were even in Spike Lee's SCHOOL DAZE. Keep it real! 

(: Oh, yes - and there were also three lovely queens - Simone FSU, Jessie BYI & Julie BTS ;)

Thanks again, Dallas!

At the end of the event, Psycho Les asked me & my girl Lee Lo where the afterparty was jumping off... ;)

Unfortunately, we were pretty hungry and tired after a long night that included last minute printing, buying markers and rustling up a table for Dave to sit behind!  We wound up at Lucky Strike, and ran into Sacha, his new wife Raquel and a sleepy young beauty, the same place we'd all gone after the opening night of Sacha's very successful contribution to the NYC Hip Hop Theater Festival, an off-beat, on-tempo stage production starring both halves of the Beatnuts, Juju and Psycho Les, along with Sacha himself, aptly entitled DEEZ NUTS.

Maybe I'll add some more shots... some day...